Luminabells 2.0 Released

The version 2.0 of Luminabells brings you the mysterious and angelic essence of the simple ordinary light bulb, captured as a tiny, starry galaxy of humble and yet beautiful sounds. Soundiron recorded all manner of sizes and shapes of the old filament style incandescent bulb, lovingly sculpted into a rich collection of tuned and un-tuned percussion, sustaining melodic tones and otherworldly effects.

For Luminabells 2.0, Soundiron included a wide variety of playable articulations, brand new atmospheric textures, ambient pads, drones, and 20 custom fx presets to spark your creativity. Luminabells is the perfect addition to your composing palette for soundtracks, film/video game scores, and much more. It’s made for the full version of Kontakt 5.5 or later.

Luminabells 2.0 FX Beam Dream Luminabells
Luminabells 2.0 by Soundiron Released 3

Luminabells 2.0 Specs

Luminabells 2.0 Blocks
Luminabells 2.0 by Soundiron Released 4

Pricing and Availability

Luminabells is available now. Existing customers who bought the legacy version should check their inbox for an upgrade offer.