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announce the new version v1.6 of dearVR SPATIAL CONNECT. With the new automation data export feature, you are now able to bring dearVR PRO’s positional data from your DAW directly into the Unity game engine. Skip the boundaries and mix 3D audio more accurately and faster directly in VR with dearVR SPATIAL CONNECT!

Imagine listening to a music mix while being able to move from one instrument to another. Or think about experiencing a soundscape in a real-world location. Those six degrees of freedom (6DOF) for the listener are standard in a game engine like Unity. But how can such a sound experience be realized for a mix created within a DAW?

And the best part: The new dearVR INTERACTIVE BUNDLE combines all three necessary dearVR components at a reduced price.

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With the dearVR INTERACTIVE BUNDLE you can mix in the DAW, export to Unity, and experience the same mix with the same quality but now with six degrees of freedom. The new export feature in dearVR SPATIAL CONNECT brings all positional automation from dearVR PRO quickly to dearVR UNITY by just a few clicks.

NEW – Automation export feature

From 3DOF to 6DOF: Imagine you could actually move through your audio mix from source to source in an interactive environment. Welcome to the next level in audio experience – six degrees of freedom audio.

With dearVR SPATIAL CONNECT, you can transfer dearVR PRO’s automation data from your DAW directly into the Unity game engine.


The dearVR INTERACTIVE BUNDLE combines three favorite dearVR tools for immersive audio production in one package. 

Create your audio mix using the advanced 3D audio spatializer plugin dearVR PRO. Mix and visualize in VR with the standalone controller application dearVR SPATIAL CONNECT. 

Import automations from your DAW directly into the Unity game engine for interactive audio experiences with 6DOF and benefit from the outstanding spatializing quality of the dearVR UNITY plugin.


Control the audio objects’ positions and levels of with dearVR SPATIAL CONNECT by merely pointing at them in a virtual 3D space. 

The built-in DAW controls eliminate the necessity of switching back and forth between your DAW and the VR production environment.

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