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EarthTone – Azerbaijani Tutek




ET AZT Azerbaijani Tutek 1000x1000 web

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EarthTone is proud to present its latest release “Azerbaijani Tutek“; played and recorded by professional Azerbaijani musicians in the homeland of the instrument.

The register is a type of flute that is similar to the penny whistle. It is played by blowing into the mouthpiece, and the pitch of the sound can be controlled by the amount of air that is used.

The register produces a high-pitched whistling sound, and it also has a pleasant, soft timbre. The register is a relatively simple instrument, and it is often used in folk music. It is also popular among beginners, as it is easy to learn how to play. The register is a versatile instrument, and it can be used for a variety of different genres of music.

The Azerbaijani Tutek is a type of woodwind instrument that is commonly used in traditional folk music. It is similar to the bouzouki, and it usually has four strings. The Tutek is usually played with other instruments, such as the tar, the kamancha, or the Balaban.

It is a very versatile instrument, and it can be used for both solo and ensemble playing. The Tutek has a very distinct sound, and it is one of the most recognizable Azerbaijani folk instruments. It is often used in wedding ceremonies and other special occasions. The Tutek is a very important part of Azerbaijan’s musical heritage, and it is cherished by many people.

ET AZT Azerbaijani Tutek 1000x512 web
EarthTone – Azerbaijani Tutek

Azerbaijani Tutek” is a woodwind type Azerbaijani folk instrument, typically made of plum, ebony, or apricot wood. It has seven holes on the front and a thumb hole on the back; the lowest hole on the front is seldom covered while playing.

Similar to a penny whistle, the register can be controlled by the force of breath and it produces a high-pitched whistling sound and also has a pleasant, soft timbre. Various types of tutek are spread throughout many countries. Both large and small versions of this instrument are used in Azerbaijan, mainly as solo instruments in ensembles and orchestras of national instruments.

In detail expect to find in “Azerbaijani Tutek” 534MB of raw content featuring 90 beautifully played “Tutek” phrases at 90/110/130bpm and including a dry version (w/o any additional e.q, compressor, or reverb effects) and wet version of each, giving a total of 180 files. All loops are key and tempo labeled for ease of use. All sounds are ready to fit straight in your tracks.

EarthTone – Azerbaijani Tutek 5
EarthTone – Azerbaijani Tutek

This instrument can be used accompanying other instruments and is perfectly usable in a variety of musical genres whether you’re producing world music, ethnic & organic folk music, experimental, cinematic, ambient, meditation, live lounge, electronica, or even hip hop also suitable for film score, documentaries and media compositions as well – the only limit is your imagination!

Please Note: This is a “Tutek” pack ONLY, other sounds contained within this Demo are for illustration purposes only. Loopmasters loops are known for high quality this pack of sampled loops falls into this category.

EarthTone – Azerbaijani Tutek

Azerbaijani Tutek Specs

  • 534MB
  • 180 Files (90 dry – 90 wet)
  • 060 Tutek Loops at 90bpm
  • 060 Tutek Loops at 110bpm
  • 060 Tutek Loops at 130bpm
  • – Key and Tempo included

The sounds produced by this instrument are truly unique, and its versatility makes it an ideal choice for a wide range of musical genres.

Whether you’re looking to add an exotic touch to your world music productions, create organic and ethnic folk music, or add some experimental flair to your cinematic compositions, this instrument is perfect for the job.

And because it’s perfectly usable in a live setting, it’s also an excellent choice for ambient and meditation music. Plus, its versatility extends to hip hop and electronica as well. So whether you’re composing for film scores or documentary soundtracks, this instrument is sure to add interest and excitement to your tracks.

So go ahead and let your imagination run wild – with this instrument, the sky’s the limit!

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