Izotope RX7 Restoration Bundle Video Review

  • By: Alex Scott
  • Date: Tuesday, 30 June 2020
  • Time to read: 3 min.

Izotope RX7 Restoration Bundle Review

This bundle of plugins is great for people who are in a position to record from their bedroom. The amateur performer, producer, or a content creator or the creator out in the field. These tools will help you remove the room tone, clipping audio, and other tools that help control the vocal tone or mouth noise. The Izotope RX 7 bundle includes Music Rebalance, a tool for gain adjustment for your tracks, Dialogue Contour, a tool for reshaping intonations, Dialogue De-reverb, a tool for removing unwanted reverb and all of these modules use machine learning.

But that’s not all. You also get instant glitch repair with De-Click, essential gain correction with De-Clip, rumble removal with De-Hum, real-time dialogue restoration with De-Noise, breathy dialogue clean up with Breath Control, source separation with De-Bleed, background noise removal with the De-Crackle, pop and bump removal with De-Plosive, hiss removal with De-Ess, speech audio polish with Mouth De-Click, tonal removal with Spectral De-Noise, detailed audio rescue with Spectral Repair, De-Rustler for removing the noise of clothes rubbing against the microphone, environmental parity with the Ambiance Match, wind noise removal with the De-Wind and stereo imbalance adjustment with the Azimuth.

The Izotope RX7 (Affiliate Link) is an enormous package that has every tool for recovering audio and enhancing your recordings to be as great as they can be. In this Izotope RX review, we go over three different scenarios of when you might need this plugin and go over the steps of how to recover the audio.

The Izotope RX plugin is one of the most powerful suites for these scenarios and if you want to give your botched recording one last chance, there no best tool to use, because if the RX7 can not recover the audio, nothing will.

Izotope is known for its amazing mastering tools that are used heavily in the industry, so you can trust this extensive module packed plugin to really do its best job.

In the Izotope RX demo, we go over a few different scenarios, but that does not even cover everything the plugin can do, so to say the least, it is a well-rounded package, as the scenarios we chose are the most common ones you would encounter, so even if something happens that is outside of the norm, these tools will help you do a great job recovering the audio.

In this video, we highlight Voice De-noise, that we use for a recording that has room noise and by using the features of the plugin we create a noise profile and achieve wonderful results by removing the background room noise and we throw on some de-reverb to remove the reverb due to the room being untreated.

For the second example, we highlight a plugin great for removing pops in your recording and clipping in your audio, the plugin we used is De-clip and using it we are able to bring the clips down and on top of it, we add De-plosive, which helps remove the plosives in the recording and make the voice clip much more pleasant to listen to.

For the third and last example, we utilise Breath Control, which is designed to control the airy artefacts, which works something like a de-eser but helps remove any breathiness in the recordings.

And on top of it, we drop Mouth De-Click to do, well, what the name implies, to remove the mouth noises, clicks and clacks you might hear in a rough recording.

So to say the least, this is an amazing and future proof mastering suite from Izotope that makes recovering audio is easy and incredible. Izotope is creating a revolutionary product that makes music-making as great as it could be and getting your hands on this software suite is a great call. And that rounds up our RX elements review.

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