Sound Design’s Air an Effect Plugin is OUT

  • By: Thorsten Meyer
  • Date: Wednesday, 1 July 2020
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Sound Design’s Air Effect Plugin

Air, Sound Design perfect tool to simulate distance through high-frequency attenuation.

Air was originally a part of the “Doppler + Air” audio plugin bundle, nominated for “Outstanding Product” by the Cinema Audio Society, and it is now available for individual purchase. “Many Hollywood professionals reported that Air ends up being frequently used to add a sense of natural depth to most sounds on their mix”, said Nuno Fonseca, Sound Particles CEO and founder.

Sound Designs Air in Nuendo
Sound Design’s Air in Nuendo

Air perfectly simulates the dampening effect that happens to higher frequencies from sounds traveling through the air, by taking into consideration distance, temperature, and even humidity to apply the right EQ to recreate an exact behavior. This makes it the ideal audio plugin to use on dialogue, effects and musical instruments in order to make them sound naturally distant.

Air is the perfect audio plugin to simulate the natural dampening of higher frequencies as they travel through air, applying scientifically measured frequency responses to dialogue, music, or sound effects in order to make them sound naturally distant.

If you wonder about the company behind Air Sound Particles creates unique software used by top video game companies and all major Hollywood studios in productions such as Game of Thrones, Frozen II or Star Wars 9.

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Sound Design's Air an Effect Plugin is OUT 8

Air for Sound Effects

A close-by object doesn’t sound like a faraway object. Quickly reinvent sound effects by adding depth and distance to your sounds. No need to record everything all over again.

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Sound Design's Air an Effect Plugin is OUT 9

Air for Mixing

With just one knob, it is possible to accurately simulate the distance of any sound. Air will apply the exact EQ and distance attenuation necessary to make audio assets perfectly resemble real-life sonic events.

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Sound Design's Air an Effect Plugin is OUT 10

Air for Automated Dialogue Replacement

The biggest challenge of ADR is making it sound as natural as if it was recorded on the original set. Air helps in achieving a natural-sounding distance effect, so that ADR never sounds misplaced again.

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Sound Design's Air an Effect Plugin is OUT 11

Air for Music

Easily take away some presence of specific items within your projects. Let instruments breathe and mixes shine with this ready to go plugin.

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Sound Design's Air an Effect Plugin is OUT 12

About Nuno Fonseca & Sound Particles

Nuno Fonseca CEO of Sound Particles still recalls doing a presentation at Paramount (Technicolor) and having a user ask if Sound Particles applied Equalization (EQ) based on distance. Although Sound Particles didn’t have this feature, that idea lingered in my mind, especially for passing-by sounds. Later the Sound Particles team, when they created the Doppler plugin, the team decided to add it – having the exact frequency response you get from distance attenuation. They liked the result so much, Sound Particles decided to create a specific plugin for it, and “Air” was born Enjoy! And if you have any questions or suggestions, don’t hesitate to contact Sound Particles.

As we grow up, our brain recognizes the difference between natural sounds and artificially created effects,” explains Nuno Fonseca, “If you want to recreate certain situations in post-production, you need highly accurate simulation tools, otherwise the brain will perceive it as fake. Using algorithms with precise control over the relevant parameters, Air is designed to perfectly simulate sound traveling through the air, in a real-time audio plugin”.

Pricing and Availability

Air is available starting June 30th through the Sound Particles store and authorized resellers for a discounted price of $55 (plus applicable taxes) until July 31st, and supports AAX (native), VST, VST3, AU, AUv3.

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Sound Design's Air an Effect Plugin is OUT 13
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