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Xfer Serum Review – The Ultimate Beginners Introduction & Tutorial




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Xfer Serum Review – The Ultimate Beginners Introduction & Tutorial

Serum is Xfer Record’s flagship product. A Modern, World-Renowned Polyphonic Digital Advanced Wavetable Synthesizer. While it’s main demographic and base of users are the EDM and the Electronic Music/Producers crowd, we hope that the demonstration of the wide variety of sounds in today’s video can show it can be used in a variety of different situations and for a myriad of different genres. The sound quality and purity of the oscillators really is top-notch and give the synth a really good base to start sculpting sounds from. It also gives it a ‘Signature Serum Sound’ which can be heard on countless records and has rightfully earned its place as one of the world’s most popular synthesizers, thanks to the digital age, ever!

Check out our Xfer Serum review with featuring a deep dive through some of the features, sounds, pros, and cons of Xfer’s Serum.

Beginning with a quick overview and discussion about the unit, followed by a quick tour of the main features and a minimal to no talking sound demo of the presets to finish and let you come to your own conclusions.


Serum has been expertly and beautifully laid out with a clear emphasis on the visual aspect of the synthesizer and the synthesis to give the user the most immediate feedback and flow of information to create unique sounds quickly and efficiently.

And while the GUI of course doesn’t affect the actual sound of the parameters, the impact it has on your workflow and therefore your final product is nothing short of outstanding.


Tying in with the previous point, the speed and precision of tweaking your sounds is really what makes this synth stand out.

With a wide variety of options at just a quick click of a mouse, it not only makes this synth a fantastic harmonic and melodic tool, but a great tool for Sound Design which can be synced, saved, and dropped into any project.


While the sounds that can be produced with Serum are generally outstanding, as a digital synthesizer, in some situations it can tend to sound a little harsh, brittle or abrasive sounding.

And while it’s not a problem for certain types of sounds and genres, there have definitely been times where another synthesizer was the better choice/option.

The built-in FX is also a little disappointing. While they’re perfectly fine for any beginners to Synthesis and very approachable, they leave a lot to be desired in terms of sound, options, variety, and precision.


If I had to pick a ‘Desert Island’ Synthesizer, this would most certainly be top of the list.

The flexibility, precision, quick tweaking ability and ease of work-flow makes this synth something special and a great addition to any Producers Studio.

For the reasons already stated in the video and this description, it’s easy to see why this Advanced Wavetable Synthesizer made and continues to make such an impact on the global music making/producer community and the top of the charts.

If you are a professional looking for another tool or a beginner just getting their first synth, you really can’t go wrong with Xfer Records Serum.

Be sure to head over to the Xfer Serum site and check out the Serum Demo for yourself and give it a go in one of your productions today.

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