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Enter the Temple of Boom: Acoustic Kicks




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Enter the Temple of Boom

Late last year, David Abravanel took us on a journey through the history of the electronic kick drum. Now, he’s back with a look at acoustic kicks. This article also features insights from Abe Seiferth, a producer, engineer, and musician whose credits include Yeasayer, Neon Indian, RAC, and many others.

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Enter the Temple of Boom: Acoustic Kicks 3

The thud. The boom. The weight. The anchor.

In the modern drum kit, the kick drum is a focal point for the low end, and often a key keeper of time. It’s also a grounding force for the rhythm section. Sometimes there are tricky kicks – just check out any metal drummer with a double-kick pedal – but it’s still a centering force of gravity for any modern percussion part.

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