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SoundSet Behringer Cat – “Space Cat” 35 patches




SoundSet Behringer Cat – “Space Cat” 35 patches

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Behringer Cat – “Space Cat” 35 Patches SoundSet

LFO.Store team presents, first of its kind: 35 great patches for Behringer Cat. Suited for all modern genres of electronic music: retrowave, drum’n’bass, techno, ambient, trap, trance, house, classic electronica, downtempo.

Pls keep in mind that this product is basically 35 sheets to be printed by yourself to setup the CAT synth (see below).

SoundSet Behringer Cat – “Space Cat” 35 patches 3

The CAT is Behringer version of a Legendary Duophonic Analog Synthesizer with Dual VCOs, 4 Mixable Waveforms, External Signal Processor, 16-Voice Poly Chain, and Eurorack Format

By many asks we are continuing series of sounds for Behringer synthesizers.

SoundSet Categories

  • BASS (9)
  • LEADS (9)
  • PLUCKS (9)
  • PAD/DRONE (3)
  • FX (5)

Behringer Cat – “Space Cat” 35 Patches Includes

  • High-quality pictures of every single patch ready for print with all the 35 patches.
    Easy navigation, fast patching & great looking.
  • Single pages of each patch & hi-quality wav. demo (wet/dry version) for comparing & re-creation.


The 1970s spawned the first truly portable analog synthesizer, and while it was quickly adopted by lots of renowned musical artists including Jan Hammer, Chick Corea, Rick Wakeman, Jean-Michel Jarre, Isao Tomita and Keith Emerson to name a few, it was somewhat temperamental and very expensive.

In 1975, a new synth strolled into town. The Cat as it was called was an analog, duophonic, three octave synthesizer that was very similar to the ARP Odyssey. Its keyboard would produce two control voltages that were routed into its two VCOs. An ultra-affordable and even more feature-packed homage to that iconic synthesizer comes in the form of the Behringer CAT. Conjure up the virtually any sound imaginable with incredible finesse and ease. The pure analog signal path is based on authentic VCO, VCF and VCA designs in conjunction with 4 variable and simultaneous oscillator shapes and Duophonic/Paraphonic capabilities. Owning a CAT is like having your own personal time machine, enabling you to freely embrace the past – or shape the future. And the best of all, it doesn’t scratch.

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