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Tritik TkDelay Video Review




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Tritik TkDelay Video Review

TkDelay definitely has some modularity to it. We’ll go over the presets it has, but just playing around with it, you get a great amount of control of what you can do manually. Delay VST are far and between when it comes to what you can do, especially with the ones that boast a simplistic design. Starting with the inputs, you get control over the Left and Right channels with simple volume knobs. These go straight into the Delay tab, where the delay effect itself is not only synced capable, you can control them individually, just like the right and left volume channels.

In this video, we will take a look at a great and versatile delay plugin fro Tritik – the Tritik tkDelay.

From here on, that is where the delay plugin from Tritik gets interesting, the follow-up knobs control the Modulation, more precisely, the depth and rate of the delay which is still input based on the left and the right channel. And the last input dependable tab is Feedback, which is once again, input-based, as this is the workflow of the plugin.

And the last thing in the first line of the settings, you end up at the output tab, where you can select the dryness/wetness of the delay and the output gain, which you can set from plus to minus 12 tkDelay does not stop there though. The bottom row includes more parameters you can choose. The following settings also include the Left/Right channel cross parameter, from direct to 50/50 and Ping Pong and every slight segment in-between tk delay continues with a frequency shift parameter that once again, allows you to control it per-channel basis, left and right channel, like the usual.

Then coming back to universal control knobs, you get to adjust the reverse and overdrive of the delay. And finally, the last step in creating your own delay plugin, you get a decent feature of also filtering the delay. The filter section lets you choose a pass, the frequency range, an LFO with depth and rate, make it free or sync. And this entire Tritik tk delay plugin is for 50 euros, just like very Tritik vst. And like with every other Tritik plugin, you can try the tritik delay plugin for free both on PC and Mac. Anything from AU, to VST to AAX. And now onto the presets. The Basic preset creates a very arpeggiator inspired effect, working as a quick delay that creates a large and wide space, one that you would find in a cave or a large abandoned building – just without the reverb.

The Bright Bounces preset follows in the shoes of the stock one, filtering the low frequencies and making the sound more of a complimentary piece. The Echo Mod preset creates a more of an Echo effect, just as the name implies. The response is quick, so all it does is create a wide response that feels grander and more dynamic. The Fuzz Away preset is an interesting one, it distorts the audio quite heavily, yet still making it distant and eerie.

Following this, the In A Tube preset does a similar thing, just without the distortion. So as you can already see, the plugin offers quite a few presets in almost two variations, you get a preset and a variation of it that creates a completely different effect that still feels familiar to the prior. And this continues with the preset for quite a bit, but we won’t cover them here in the description as there are quite a few, such as Move Around, PingPong, Resonant, Room, Alice, Destroy, Dirty Phone, Downward Fast, Downward, Hygiaphone, Jumping Siren and many many more.

To say the least, the plugin pack quite a few specialised and nicely crafter presets for this decently powerful delay plugin.

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