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AKG P120 Review with Full Specifications

In this video, we’ll go over the budget offering from AKG, the professional recording microphone AKG P120.

This AKG studio microphone comes at around $100 (or around £70/€80). Being a rather cheap recording microphone it doesn’t cut too many corners.

The build quality is solid as the body of the AKG mic is solid metal with a nice modern finish, coming in black with a minimal and simple design. On the microphone body itself, you will also find the only two physical switches: one for low cutoff filter and one for -20dB.

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At the bottom of the AKG Perception 120 microphone, you will find the XLR output and when it comes to the physical aspects of the microphone, that is pretty much it.

AKG has focused on what’s important in an affordable self-recording microphone, and that is the audio quality.

The P120 self recording microphone is advertised to be an all-around recording microphone and it delivers. It can be used for a professional recording setting, podcasts, voiceover and anything you might need from an all-around microphone.

It might not be the best condenser microphone for any specific task in hand, but what it has going for it is the versatility it can deliver.

Being a cheap condenser microphone it shines in its ability to deliver clear audio that most entry-level to intermediate level users will be satisfied with.

Combined with a pop filter and some post-processing treatment it delivers a professional quality that no one would blink an eye to. But how so?

AKG achieves this by combining an impressive set of specifications.

The P120 has an audio frequency bandwidth of 20Hz to 20000Hz, the equivalent noise level of 19dB-A, the sensitivity of 24mV/Pa and signal noise of 75dB-A just to mention a few.

Also, coming at around 44 to 52 V voltage and a current of less than or equal to 3mA, the P120 is a microphone you can run on USB-based audio interfaces, not worrying about losing performance and minimising the amount of equipment needed for a clean and professional sounding recording.

This leads to a competent condenser microphone. To optimise the performance of the P120 the microphone placement and some sound dampening equipment can greatly aid in achieving the best audio quality.

As mentioned previously, the AKG P120 is marketed as an all-around microphone and when it comes to commercial recording, with the proper setup it can easily achieve usable recordings and when it comes to more technical types of recording, such as foley the added features of the microphone can greatly aid:

The -20 dB pre-attenuation pad and the 300Hz – 6dB/octave bass-cut filter can cut down on time and difficulty when it comes to capturing the essence of a sound and makes the process of designing that much easier.

The dimensions coming at around – length: 165mm, diameter 54mm and the net weight at around 455g makes the AKG P120 condenser microphone a nice fit for a travelling microphone, as the microphone, the required XLR cables and even an audio interface can easily fit in a backpack making it easy to travel from studio to studio if that’s the workflow you prefer.

The AKG condenser mics are known for their quality and availability, as AKG produces both mid and high-end microphones, you can trust that the product quality will be up to par.

The AKG 120 stands at the start of the lineup, followed by 220 and 420 series, all under the Perception lineup.

So if you’re in the market for microphone recording or looking for a decent condenser recording microphone for the right price, the AKG Perception P120 is a choice like no other, covering most basis with the correct condenser microphone placement, delivering quality that most user will need and will be satisfied by.

Overall, the P120 is a very forgiving microphone with an amazing build quality making it an amazing choice for anyone looking into getting an intermediate-level microphone or a sturdy option for a travel microphone that can still achieve professional-quality recordings as the metal build makes it durable and it should last for years.

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