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SampleTank 4 MAX Review

Being a great digital music creator requires a great digital workstation. SampleTank 4 has been redesigned with a massively expanded sample library and state of the art sound engine with disk streaming.

What might have taken dozens of plugins in the past only take one lightning-fast piece of software today: IK Multimedia SampleTake 4.

Here is the fully loaded feature list of SampleTank 4:

• Works as a multi-platform plug-in and as a Standalone application
• Content structured in Instruments, Multis and MIDI Patterns
• Fully compatible with macOS and Windows

• Supported plug-in formats: AAX, VST 2, VST 3, and Audio Units
• 16 part multitimbral
• 16 individual stereo outputs

• Info view with specific information and 3D icon for each instrument
• Mix view and full mix parameters control
• Live mode for instantaneous sounds loading, organized in set lists and songs

• Expandable instrument library
• Pad interface lets you launch patterns, loops or single notes seamlessly from iRig Keys I/O or any MIDI controller
• 70 studio quality effects

Review of IK Multimedias SampleTank 4 MAX
Review of IK Multimedia’s SampleTank 4 MAX 3

• Layers allow for creating splits and layers
Edit view for in depth editing of all synth engine parameters, independently for all the elements or articulations that are included in the instrument
• Custom modulation for synth engine and effects parameters

Advanced instrument browsing with convenient search function
• BPM syncable time-based effects, audio loop instruments and LFOs
• Four play modes including mono legato with portamento

• Zone switch allows to edit individual key-zones for the selected sound element or articulation
• Multi Articulation and Key Switch instrument control
• Easy to use assignable MIDI control to any parameter with MIDI Learn

• Compatible with all previous “Powered by SampleTank” sound modes and sounds. (Older libraries imported through the use of SampleTank 3 CS.)
• Import feature allows users to import .wav and .aiff samples

What stands out to us are the new dynamic groove players (arpeggiator, strummer, pattern, and loop) that turn sounds into songs quickly and effortlessly. The live mode is also a beneficial feature with the ability to make set lists and parameter maps for your gigs.

The sound sound library that comes with SampleTank 4 is very impressive with over 260 GB, 8,000 instrument presets, and 90,000 total samples.

High quality live sample of sounds such as piano, keyboards, guitars, bass, drums, strings, brass, synths, vocals, and percussion: they all load up incredibly fast thanks to IK Multimedia’s new efficient disk streaming engine.

The GUI of SampleTank 4 has been completely reimagined to help you quickly find any sound and tailor it to your needs. Filter by timbre, style, genre, mood, and more. The at a glance descriptions are useful time savers, allowing you to get back to creating music.

The new layer interface makes working with multiple sounds fast and easy. There really is no need to open additional plugins. Apply 16 different filters and 4 sample engines to fine tune your sound.

The parts interface is like a digital control surface with access to every sound at your fingertips. This allows you to mix an entire track in one window.

SampleTank 4 includes 70 different effects which IK Multimedia has pulled from their legendary AmpliTube and T-RackS software. These are the same effects used in countless chart topping hits and film scores.

If you own the iRig Keys i/o controller, you can use it to seamlessly work with SampleTank 4 thanks to MIDI. It is truly a plug and play production system.

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