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Vocal Roads – Lyrical Soul & RnB

Vocal Roads is excited to introduce “LYRICAL SOUL & RNB” (Affiliate Link) vocal sample pack which pays homage to prominent R’n’B singers like Jorja Smith, Ella Mai, and others. These honey-sweet vocals are even sweeter due to the fact it’s 100% ROYALTY FREE.

LYRICAL SOUL & RNB” (Affiliate Link) boasts its thoroughly processed and professionally recorded vocal stems with backs, adlibs, and lyrics. Both, of course, dry and wet, all-female.

In detail, the LYRICAL SOUL & RNB” (Affiliate Link) Sample Pack contains 852MB and 165 files of luxurious content all recorded at 24Bit & 44.1KHZ. Containing 5 unique songs, including 8 dry main vox stems, 12 dry back vox stems, 42 dry adlibs, 76 dry phrases, 5 wet vocal stems, and all wet stems from instrumentals.

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Riding in at a Classic 90bpm – prepares these vocals for use within any associate genre. Like, for instance, Modern R’n’B, smooth hip-hop, gloomy trip-hop as well as dancefloor-oriented projects.

The LYRICAL SOUL & RNB” (Affiliate Link) sonic agenda seems distinctive: rhythmic structures backed by drum machines, and vocals arranged quite lushly. Even though that 2010’s Canada-made scene set the standard for 100%-electronically-made seductive R’n’B, our Vocal Roads production style achieved soulfulness and sensitivity you could experience while listening to authentic late-90’s records!

G, our saddle’s waiting for your sexy-and-you-know-it masterpieces you’d create with the help of V.R.-made pimpin’ sample pack!

Lyrical Soul & RnB Specs

  • 852mb
  • 24Bit 44.1KHZ
  • 165 files
  • 5 songs
  • 1 demo
  • 5 lyrics
  • 8 dry main voc stems 
  • 12 dry back voc stems 
  • 42 dry adlibs
  • 76 dry phrases
  • 5 wet vocal stems
  • 4 drum stems
  • 4 bass stems
  • 6 melody stems
  • 1 percussion & sfx stem
  • 1 ambience stem
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