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Modular Synth 101 Tutorial with Inwards




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Modular Synth 101 Tutorial with Inwards

Inwards walks us through his modular synth setup, exploring the basic tenets of modular synthesis.

Download/purchase his new album ‘Bright Serpent here.

Bright Serpent
Modular Synth 101 Tutorial with Inwards 3

Bright Serpent by Inwards

An introspective collection of psychedelic modular synth led experimentations, ‘Bright Serpent’ is the new album by Kristian Shelley aka electronic musician Inwards. Electronic textures and rhythms rub up against manipulated recordings of real instruments, voices and field recordings to fashion transportive snapshots of an inner sound-world.

‘Bright Serpent’ was released on 10th April 2020 by Small Pond Recordings on vinyl, CD and digital formats.

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