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Pre-Order Landscape’s O/O Touch Patching for Banana Modular Systems

Landscape just opened up the pre-order for O/O; banana modular system touch patching kits. These DIY kits allow you to make touchable shorting bars and touchpoints similar to AllFlesh. (AllFlesh is a patching system for modular systems. It’s a new way to interact, perform and control, yielding new results and new sounds not possible without the subtleties of human touch and gestural expression. You are the patch cords: you transfer modulation, your fingers are multiples, you are attenuation, you bend pitches with finger pressure, you transfer sequences from oscillator to oscillator, you transfer triggers from voices to voice.)

However, O/O can still be used stacked with other banana cables. Kits can be assembled easily without soldering although adding some solder to the top and bottom where the plugs connect will increase conductivity. We can start shipping once the remainder of parts arrive but are planning for an end of July shipping day.

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Landscape's O/O Touch Patching for Banana Modular Systems 3

The first run of Soundwich (complete) units are sold out but batch #2 pre-order has opened up as well. Landscape is finishing up shipping out the remainder of the first run tomorrow. DIY kit versions are available much sooner for anyone wanting to try their hand at surface mount.

As of last month, we began donating 10% of our online sales to Activation Residency to help fund their mission of supporting QTBIPOC front line activists and artists. You can also donate directly on their site. Landscape getting ready to send off some instruments for use by this year’s (yet to be nominated) artists.

1. AllFlesh style expressive touch patching using your body and hands as patch cables between two (or many more) points in your system. Unlike AllFlesh for 3.5mm systems O/O allows for stacking of other cables.

2. Traditional shorting bar.

3. Touchable shorting bar configuration for systems which accept this standard (ie. Buchla Music Easel). Touch in tandem with other singular plug style configurations.

The kit supplies you with 10 golden touch plates and 15 golden jacks which when assembled can give you 5 shorting bars and 5 touch points depending on your needs.

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Landscape's O/O Touch Patching for Banana Modular Systems 4

Pricing and Availability

O/O (Pre-order) the DIY kit, Pre-order ships approximately 7/28.

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