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Vocal Roads – Healing Progressive Vocal




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Vocal Roads – Healing Progressive Vocal

Vocal Roads cannot wait to give you our “HEALING PROGRESSIVE VOCAL” (Affiliate Link) sample collection, which showcases a Beautiful wavy progressive style of Female dry and wet vocals with backs, adlibs and lyrics perfect for Future House and Deep House projects all 100% royalty-free.

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In detail, one can expect in “HEALING PROGRESSIVE VOCAL” (Affiliate Link) to taste these 858 MB w/ 340 files of sensually appealing samples all at 24Bit & 44.1KHZ. Vocal Roads made these 5 tender songs to include 8 dry main vocal stems, 10 dry back-vocal stems, 81 dry adlibs, 148 dry phrases, 5 wet vocal stems, and all wet stems from instrumentals.

You’ll also find 32 handcrafted multi-genre presets for Xfer Serum and advanced MIDI-files, all 100% ROYALTY FREE in “HEALING PROGRESSIVE VOCAL” (Affiliate Link).

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Vocal Roads – Healing Progressive Vocal 6

Tempos vary from 115 to 127 bpm, so these vocal samples would perfectly serve popular genres like house, future house, R’n’B, deep house, pop, bass house and electro house, not to mention other dancefloor-oriented genres.

Imagine you’re in your favorite house club. Imagine yourself steppin’ up to the dancefloor or maybe spinning epic NRG, new beat, progressive house anthems just behind the deck. Imagine those hypnotic choruses, crescendos, drums, short phrases, and new layers of music fabrics on & on. Its all here waiting for you to get your hands on.  Fixate these feelings. Then repeat.

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Vocal Roads – Healing Progressive Vocal 7

Healing Progressive Vocal Specs

  • 858mb
  • 24Bit 44.1KHZ
  • 340 files
  • 5 songs
  • 1 demo
  • 5 lyrics
  • 8 dry main vox stems 
  • 10 dry back vox stems 
  • 81 dry adlibs
  • 148 dry phrases
  • 5 wet vocal stems
  • 5 drum stems
  • 5 bass stems
  • 1 melody stems
  • 5 synth & atmosphere stems
  • 2 piano stems
  • 1 rhodes stems
  • 1 guitar stems
  • 11 midi files
  • 10 Serum noise
  • 32 Serum presets
  • 9 Serum tables

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