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Partikl by Puremagnetik| Particle Delay & Temporal Shifter




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Puremagnetik‘s Particle Delay & Temporal Shifter Plugin

Puremagnetik launched Partikl – a granular delay and temporal shifting device that can process your audio into unexpected musical forms.

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Partikl by Puremagnetik| Particle Delay & Temporal Shifter 3

At the heart of the Partikl engine is a granular processor that can chop, pitch shift, time stretch and reorganize incoming audio. A set of LFO and RANDOM functions allow you animate the granular engine while a variable delay line adds space and subtle nuances to the effect.

Partikl Features

• Granular processor
• Loopback buffer
• Spectral pitch shifter
• Variable delay line
• Wet and dry mix controls
• Waveform display
• A collection of factory presets

Pricing and Availability

This month’s Spark plugin is Partikl and is available exclusively for Spark subscribers. You will get it immediately when you sign up for Spark along with new plugins every month. Learn more about Spark.

Spark and Century customers – Visit your account to download.

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