Touch The Universe Group Buy

Touch The Universe is running a group buy, where you can contribute your share and receive a set of libraries in a bundle.

You will receive all 32 Touch The Universe soundsets for a bid of $50. Any bid below this amount you are taking a chance that Touch The Universe will return your money once the objective is complete, alas, you missed the opportunity, so hence, the extra incentive to go all in, assuring you can take advantage of this group buy opportunity.

Touch The Universe Group Buy
Touch The Universe Group Buy 2

There are differnt tiers that you can leverage

Tier 1 = $5 Any One soundset
Tier 2 = $10 Any Three soundsets
Tier 3 = $15 Any Five Soundsets
Tier 4 = $20 Any Seven Soundsets
Tier 5 = $30 Any Ten Soundsets
Tier 6= $40 All TTU Soundsets, besides the most recent “ Fifth State of Matter”

Sanctuary – $50 Will receive all soundsets, regardless if the 4500 objective is met or not.

The sound sets can be viewed here. Join the newsletter of Timothy from Touch The Universe Productions to learn more.