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ShaperBox 2 Video Review

In this video, we will take a look at a six in one plugin from Cableguys, the Cableguys ShaperBox 2.

The ShaperBox 2 includes six effects from Cableguys, including Time (TimeShaper 2), Filter (FilterShaper Core 2), Crush (CrushShaper), Pan (PanShaper 3), Volume (VolumeShaper 6) and Width (WidthShaper 2).

These six effects help you shape your sound in different interesting ways, creating musical and rhythmical effects.

But what it is mainly famous for – ShaperBox 2 sidechain, endorsed by such musicians as Madeon and David Guetta. But what is the full package of the ShaperBox 2 bundle?

Well, with the VolumeShaper, you can create very effective and precise sidechains, to create headroom for your bassline, allowing you to push your mix more and get a louder, cleaner result.

With the PanShaper, allows you to make your mono drums or loops stereo, by panning the frequencies left and right, you can isolate the higher frequencies, choose the pattern, control the speed of it and how strong it is, on paper, turning your mono drums stereo.

Combining just these two will make your drums punchier, more dynamic and crisp. When applied to melodies, additional movement in the higher frequencies can create a somewhat of a sparkling effect, make it more alive or go all out and make it go crazy.

Moving on with the drums and onto the FilterShaper, you can isolate sounds from loops, for example, if you find a nice drum pattern and you really like the drum kick, you can create an accurate shape to isolate the kick, so you can grab it for yourself and with some minimal reverb, bring it back to life.

And now for TimeShaper works as a virtual timetable, scratching spinning and turning, allowing you to creatively work with samples and vocals. And now for the big finale.

Grab a single bass or synth stab, put the entire ShaperBox onto it and using all of the tools included, create a melody out of thin air.

Adjusting all the added effects, alining them in order, as they don’t work simultaneously, but in an order one after each other, like most effect racks, making the workflow natural and creative.

And out of a single stab, you have an entire drop. An amazing package of plugins that work great and are powerful and accurate.

And don’t be deterred, if you just want to get used to the plugins, you can do so by using the ShaperBox 2 presets, which are great and crafted with care. But how about the cost?

Well, the ShaperBox 2 plugin will cost you around $100, which is an amazing deal, as the full price of all the effects will round up at around $224, making the bundle half the price, so grab it while you can!

But not only that, you can download a free trial and if you find yourself only needing a certain few effects from the collection, you are free to buy them separately.

TimeShaper2, FilterShaper Core 2 and CrushShaper will cost you $44, the VolumeShaper 6 and PanShaper 3 will cost you $34 and the WidthShaper 2 will cost you $24, rounding up to a total of $224, the bundle price for ShaperBox 2 (Affiliate Link) which once again turn the price point of $100 a steal!

The entire bundle comes at a 55% discount in total. The Shaperbox 2 VST has carved its way into the industry with high-quality plugins, presets and just altogether great polish and effective design.

And in this ShaperBox 2 review, we look at just what exactly you can achieve and get with this bundle, which once again, is a lot!

With a great list of industry veteran endorsements, with comments such as “I simply can’t do without”, you know this product is here to stay while delivering top of the line performance.

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