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Native Instruments Analog Dreams Review




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Native Instruments Analog Dreams Review

In this Review, we will take a look at the 16 preset pack inspired by the 80s from Native Instruments, the Native Instruments Analog Dreams. The Analog Dreams is also included in the full version of KONTAKT 6 and a part of the Play Series.

The Analog Dreams include wonderful pads, stabs and synth sounds what will allow you to create the 80s analogue landscape of your dreams. The GUI of Analog Dreams is just beautiful, featuring an 80sa cyber synth, vaporwave inspired backdrop with a rather minimalistic interface with just a set of knobs.

From left to right, the knobs include Blend AB, Decay, Cutoff, Resonance, Stereo, Delay, Rever and Volume. Every patch is based on two sample sources which you can blend with the first knob we have mentioned. But the pretty simple GUI you initially see once booting up the Analog Dreams is not where it ends. If you press the edit mode button, you are free to insert effects, which is a feature of Kontakt 6. You are able to adjust the source sound, by adjusting the tune of the sound, choose different Post AmpFX.

Change the Volume, the pan, phase invert, swap the left and right channel, rout the channels, choose to output to different busses, adjust the amplifiers, adjust the group insert fx, which include DftHP and DftLP and much much more. Gowing down, you can adjust the instrument buses, the inserted effects, the send effects, the modulation, etc. For example, one of the effects you can insert in the edit tab is the reverb you can adjust separately.

And these inserted effects are quite extensive, for example, the mentioned reverb has pre-delay, size, time, damping, diff, mod, low shelf, highcut, stereo and the dry and wet bars, which is decently extensive for just the reverb.

Aanalog Dreams native instruments really brings back the 80s sounds like it is no one’s business. With wonderful samples based plucks, stabs, pads and bass sounds, it is a one-stop plugin for all of your 80s needs.

But it is important to understand what this implies, it is not for you to easily recreate the pop songs from the 1980s, but to create what the 1980s thought of 2020. It is a sample collection that will help you make the view of the future from the perspective of the 80s.

And native instrument analog dreams does exactly that! It allows you to easily put on a cool sounding preset and carve a beautiful futuristic 80s inspired track that will fit straight into any retro-futuristic movie.

The Native Instruments Analog Dreams Kontakt collection will cost you around $50 for the standalone version of it, but if you are looking for getting a bigger package with this already a part of it, Kontakt 6 includes this wonderful piece of software.

The native instruments analog dreams 5 includes an impressive 150 sounds and overall a round and nice number of 100 presets. These presets cover Bass, FX, Leads, Pads and Plucks. And coming at over 3GB of content it is a wonderful and extensive package.

If you are looking at getting this instead of the entirety of the Kontakt 6, it supports the free Kontakt Players, so there is nothing you will have to worry about. But what makes Analog Dreams sounds so great is the use of authentic samples of vintage synth sounds with the ability to adjust and carve it in a modern way.

So it really is best of both worlds, not only do you get the ability to use authentic sounding great synth samples, but also the freedom of how crips and clean modern patches sound.

So if you are looking at getting a brand new tool to bring your 80s fantasy to life, there is no better time to start working on it, because it has not been this easy as it is now, with the Native Instruments Analog Dreams.

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