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Gniss Vinyl

Øivind Idsø has been making music and sounds since the days of Detroit Techno and baggy rave clothes, and made his full-length debut on R&S Records as Synthesized Dialogue in 1993.

The 4/4 and the drums and the bass are now long gone, replaced by sounds that have more or less left the grid. “Gniss” by Skurr is another attempt at molding, breaking and bending sounds into something nice, and perhaps even beautiful at times.

Music by Øivind Idsø.
Mastering by Taylor@12k Mastering.
Cover photo by Erling Sand.
Cover design by Hallvard Fagerland.
Vinyl pressed by Coastal Town Records, Egersund, Norway.

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Pricing and Availability

Buy the album on Vinyl here.

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