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Build Personal Brand & Grow Social Networks And Passive Income

Alex Pfeffer launched his new course series “Audio Artist Essentials“. Learn all the essentials to start building your personal brand, grow your social networks and generate passive income.

Key Benefits

  • The general mindset of working in the audio industry is mostly short-term based. We are constantly on the hunt to find work or trying get hired for our next project.
  • Then we (hopefully get paid) and we are off to the next gig.
  • What if there is an opportunity to have work coming towards you?
  • What if you build a strong followership across your social networks allowing you to be completely independent of the current job situation?
  • What if you can build strategies to generate passive income that will help you through unemployed and dark times?

9 Video Lessons

  • #01 How to use social networks
  • #02 How to publish to YouTube the right way
  • #03 How to set up video recording and streaming
  • #04 How to set up a lead magnet using email
  • #05 Content duplication
  • #06 Strategy: Selling digital goods
  • #07 Strategy: The Patreon method
  • #08 Strategy: Gear Reviews & Demo Writing
  • #09 General Word on finding projects and work
  • One hour of video material
  • Personal support

Pricing and Availability

Audio Artist Essentials is out – 9 EUR until August, 1st 2020.

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