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OMNIDRUMS is a totally new Drum Experience




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OMNIDRUMS for Kontakt

OMNIDRUMS is a new drum experience! Recorded with an insane level of details (up to 12 dynamics and 8 round robins) it offers total control over the mixing (12 channels), bringing the recording studio experience right on your computer.

OMNIDRUMS is a totally new Drum Experience
OMNIDRUMS is a totally new Drum Experience 3

OMNIDRUMS features drums techniques never sampled so far (stacks and sounds of each kit element played in multiple positions) and gives you tons of color variations for each element for an absolute realistic and modern drumming experience.

  • 21 different Kick sounds: 18 – 20 – 24 with different tunings and playing techniques
  • 120+ snare sounds and techniques: one shots, drag, rim, rim-drag, rolls, press rolls, harmonics, stacks, tunings and special effects.
  • 120+ snare roll techniques, from standard to unconventional: different shapes, dynamics and length.
  • 140+ tom sounds and techniques: one shots, rim shots, drag, rim-drag, rolls, harmonics, tunings and special effects.
  • 200+ cymbal sounds and techniques (hi-hat, ride, crashes) including one shots, positions (cymbals played in multiple positions to get different colors), rolls, effects, stacks, prototypes and odd cymbals etc.
  • 230+ time stretchable loops and rhythmic patterns
  • 43 time stretchable Jazz fills
  • Lots of creative textures and objects

Besides being such an extensive drum VST, it can be switched into a hybrid, cinematic percussion instrument and a powerful sound design tool in just a click, thanks to its DIRT mode with 3 different unique analog-recorded effects, its top class reverb and delay algorithms, its routing options and the powerful Warp Free mode.

Pricing and Availability

OMNIDRUMS is available now for an introduction price.

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