Checking Out Symphonic AI by Sample Logic!

  • By: Thorsten Meyer
  • Date: Tuesday, 21 July 2020
  • Time to read: 2 min.

Checking Out Symphonic AI by Sample Logic!

Symphonic AI is the result of a truly blockbuster collaboration, and combines the best of both worlds. Imagine having a library that gives you realistic and powerful orchestral samples, with the added option to run them through some of the most advanced sequencers, effects, and sound design engines on the planet: that’s Symphonic AI. 

The orchestra will never be the same again, as Sample Logic has reimagined how symphonic music is made. Introducing SYMPHONIC AI – Animated Intelligence (Affiliate Link): an awe-inspiring fusion of orchestral samples and synthesis driven by motion that results in intelligent, elegant, and dynamic symphonic instruments. Developed in the Kontakt engine, Sample Logic has combined cutting edge performance engines with the pristine symphonic samples of Red Room Audio to deliver a 13 GB virtual instrument of 938 sleek and intelligently designed multi-sampled instruments and presets. Symphonic AI is an extremely versatile platform for unlimited creativity combining real-world organic performances with algorithmic synthetic perfection.

Featuring a staggering amount of possibilities and combinations, Symphonic AI aims to bring something new and powerful to the arsenal of any music maker: from cinematic composers to beatmakers and EDM producers, this library aims to help you create amazing music faster than ever.

Full orchestral ensembles, percussion, strings, brass, woodwinds, choirs: each of these sections, on their own, have all the realism and nuance of the Palette Symphonic libraries. Run them through the Sample Logic engine, and you now have instant inspiration: evolving string pads, massive ostinatos, low brass swells, soaring string arpeggios, the possibilities are endless.

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With the hundreds of inspiring presets as your foundation, you can pare back or upscale each core preset to suit your every need. Sample Logic realizes that finding the perfect sound quickly and easily is vitally important, so they have made locating sounds and presets a breeze, using a tag-based browser system.

Each source, core, and multi-core preset in SYMPHONIC AI – Animated Intelligence (Affiliate Link) is tagged and can be favorited to save for future use. The browser is a one-stop solution for choosing presets and playback manipulations. Access sources, cores and multi-core instrument preset with the ability to audition and activate step animators whilst browsing, or performing.

Pricing and Availability

SYMPHONIC AI – Animated Intelligence (Affiliate Link)  is available for the next 2 weeks at an intro price of $249.99 (normally $499.99).

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