Solidus VS8100 has been updated to v1.1 featuring Standalone version, Dr Drive (a modern overdrive based on Horizon Devices Precision Drive), many more cabinets, more presets and improved performance.

Solidus VS8100 is a faithful analog modeled simulation of the iconic Marshall® Valvestate™ 8100, solid state amplifier from 1991.

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Audiority Solidus VS8100 Version 1.1 2

The original head was the first incarnation of the Valvestate™ series, a solid state amplifier with a 12AX7 tube as a driver for the distorted channel tone stack, which defined the history of death metal through the 90s. It featured two channels: a Normal channel, for clean guitars, and a Boost channel for distortions.

We carefully modeled the original amplifier and added some goodies to further shape your guitar tone: a noise gate, a modern overdrive, a EQ/Booster (to make your own custom clean booster), a post-amp 5 band EQ and a Cab Loader.


New in v1.1 (July 2020)

– NEW: Dr Drive overdrive pedal
– NEW: Standalone version
– NEW: Dark Mode
– NEW: More cabinet impulse responses
– CHANGE: Redesigned footer selector
– CHANGE: Improved Cab Loader performance
– CHANGE: Improved presets volume matching

Pricing and Availability

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