KLANG Cologne Released Vintage Synth

KLANG Cologne released the new category “Vintage Synth” with 3 new instruments King Rhodes, Deep Trinity, and Velvet Blend. The free instrument in this category is the Aetherophone (Theremin). Note: All KLANG instruments require the Kontakt full version 5.6.8 or higher.

King Rhodes – yes, that is truly royal. Of course, there are 1,000 different Rhodes sounds, but that can’t stop us from creating four new interpretations of this glorious electric piano.

sqr500 kingrhodes
KLANG Cologne Released Vintage Synth a New Instrument Section 2

There is hardly any other category of instruments that has more instruments and sounds than vintage synthesizers. That’s why it was a great pleasure and at the same time an obligation for KLANG Cologne to show how their approach to these old treasures is and in which way we implement them. And since KLANG Cologne have so many old milestones standing around here, it was somehow logical, too.