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MolecularBytes’ Atomic Reverb – A Sonically Evolved Reverb Powered by Innovative Room Algorithms




Atomic Reverb UI

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Atomic Reverby by MolecularBytes – A Sonically Evolved Reverb Powered by Innovative Room Algorithms

Atomic Reverb is a reverb plugin based on innovative room algorithms running under common interfaces such as VST 2, VST 3, and AudioUnits. Atomic Reverb supports a set of over 170 different predefined ‘early-reflection signatures’ extracted from real room impulse-responses and provides various algorithms for ‘late-reverb’ (reverb tail), ‘wall-absorption effects’, ‘complex modulations’, and ‘gated tail length’.

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MolecularBytes’ Atomic Reverb – A Sonically Evolved Reverb Powered by Innovative Room Algorithms 4

Atomic Reverb Features

  • Superior smooth and dense reverb-tails with complex modulation
  • Low CPU usage (allows to run more than 100 plug-in instances simultaneously)
  • Infinite density tail (optional, limited by sample rate)
  • Double precision, full 64-bit internal signal processing with 2x oversampling
  • Zero latency
  • Room-Size reconstructions and Spatial emulation
  • Integrated MIDI controls (MIDI-Learn)
  • Adjustable gated reverb duration
  • 5-Band EQ with Spectrum Analyzer
  • 170+ changeable early-reflection signatures to create individual room sounds
  • 240 factory presets
  • Preset browser, user- and factory- preset grouping, copy & paste presets to clipboard
  • A/B program comparison, UNDO, REDO
  • Easy ‘One-page’ user interface
  • Graphical displays to visualize Reverb and EQ settings
  • Resizable user interface and two different skins
  • Executable standalone application (Windows only)

This highly configurable processing for both ‘early-reflection’ and ‘late-reverb’ provides a maximum flexibility throughout the entire spectrum enhancing the sonic range to produce sounds from subtle voice reverbs to full and dense broad spatial reverbs.

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MolecularBytes’ Atomic Reverb – A Sonically Evolved Reverb Powered by Innovative Room Algorithms 5

Atomic Reverb did not adopt static models of reverb effects such as convolution or impulse-response but simulated moving airflow from its complex modulations in reality adding deep, breezy, and individual reverb-tails for every instance. Atomic Reverb is equipped with a variety of controls such as ‘room-size’, ‘room-width’, ‘stereo-position’, ‘different damping parameters’, and a ‘5-channel EQ with spectrum-analyzer’ for users to design individual sound colors. To keep the highest quality of reverb sounds.

Atomic Reverb uses an internal 64-bit signal processing with optional 2x oversampling and high degree sample interpolation. Atomic Reverb comes with a huge set of 240 predefined factories presets which are intuitively modifiable to support the maximum productivity for designing breathtaking sound.

About MolecularBytes

MolecularBytes GbR. was founded by André Hugenroth and Frank Hugenroth dealing since the early 90s with the development of music- and audio-software and -methods. Under the name MolecularBytes, at the end of 2005 a preview version of the elastic audio software “Membrane” was published. AtomicReverb became the first product available. Other audio-software products are in the pipeline – in addition to effects plug-ins the focus is the completion of the editing software “Membrane”.

Pricing and Availability

Atomic Reverb is available.

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