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Tritik Krush Free VST Review




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Tritik Krush Free VST Review

The Tritik Krush is a free plugin that you can get right now and let me tell you, it looks really slick!

The Krush VST is really easy to get on your system, just go to their website, download the installer and with a few clicks you are set. And what makes this bitcrusher interesting is a little section it has – modulation. You can adjust and modulate the bitcrushing parameters, you can set the sync, set te modulation shape and how much the different LFO aspect are applied. The signal is also 50/50 wet and dry, letting you adjust both individually and turning them off entirely. Of course, you also get downsampling.

Being completely free, the Krush plugin (Affiliate Link) is a great catch if you are looking for a bit crusher. The modulation makes it more than a simple bit crusher though, allowing you to create pumping or a pulsing effect with distortion, downsampling, etc.

This opens up quite a few interesting possibilities and this is all in the free version of the plugin. Taking a look at the premium version, there are a few things that are different. Something right off the bat, there is quite a bit more control you get.

You can control both the input and output filter and control them separately. You also get a wave crush and even frequency shift. So not only do you get more modules with the pro version, but you also get much more control.

The Krush Tritik pro is quite a decent upgrade. Another feature of the pro version is having macros, that are also renamable. You get 3 macros to assign, rename and control. You also get six modulators, two sequencers, an envelope and three LFOs.

You can really go deep with this bit crusher, which you do not hear often. And the best part, you can assign those modulators to the macros mentioned before. With all of this functionality, the Tritik Krush also has presets, such as “cheap toy”, that adds subtle modulation, some downsampling and other additional things to really sell the effect.

And all of the preexisting presets really give you than nice distorted effect. The factory presets are definitely nice. So how much does the premium version cost? It will cost you over $60 which is quite a bit.

When it comes to bit crushers, you might not find a better one and it is definitely and inspiring awesome plugin, but when you think about plugins overall, you can definitely get an entire synth for the price, so it will be up to you if a bitcrusher is on your list of go-to plugins.

And that rounds up our review of the Tritik Krush, but what else can Tritik offer? Well, Tritik has an entire line of great and modern looking plugins, the aforementioned Krush, a bit crusher plugin, Echorus, a great original chorus plugin with two analogue high-pass and low-pass filters and a few original echo effects.

Also, Tritik offers Moodal, a plugin that modelizes objects and spaces, a nice plugin to make your snares deeper, send your voice through a phone, etc., etc. Also, they have a TkDelay, which offer classic delays and experimental sounds, a quite unique plugin to say the least.

And that rounds up the entire library under the Tritik name, a nice library of echos, choruses, bit crushers and experimental sound design plugins. Every plugin comes with the same price tag, slick exterior and a great interior.

Every plugin is as high in quality as the one we took a look at in this video the Krush and Krush Pro and if you want us to take a look at some other of the Tritik plugins, let us know in the comment section below!

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