Echo Module Desmodus Versio

Noise Engineering is launching on August, 7th 2020 their freshest echo eurorack module named Desmodus Versio.

Desmodus Versio by Noise Engineering
Desmodus Versio by Noise Engineering 3

Desmodus — from Latin: “vampire bat”
Versio — from Latin: “versatile”
“Versatile Vampire”

image 40
Desmodus Versio by Noise Engineering 4

Desmodus Versio is Noise Engineering stereo-in, stereo-out reverb, and DSP platform. It’s created to produce ridiculous, often immortal, reverberant spaces and moods you’ve never heard before. Distorted, beautiful, haunting, 10-hp-hole-in-my-system, and freakin’ cool are all terms we’ve used when describing the sounds we’ve heard from it.

Through new effects firmware, the module can be flashed onto it easily with the Noise Engineering web app and a USB port on the back. It also comes with open-source support so that you can write your own effects, too (look for new firmware and open-source support TBA near the end of the year).

Pricing and Availability

Desmodus Versio can be purchased now as a pre-order. This super-special link will only be live until July 31, 2020. After that, find DV in Noise Engineering normal shop and at your preferred retailer.