MAGIX’s Free coreFX VolumeFormer

MAGIX offers until tomorrow a free version of their coreFX VolumeFormer, so grab it while it is free.

EDM, house, trance or trap: Virtually all modern genres of electronic music feature the characteristic “pump” effect. Forget complex tutorials for sidechain routing in your DAW: coreFX VolumeFormer enables you to create the ducking or sidechain effect by making rhythmic changes to volume. Modify bar grids or AHR (Attack/Hold/Release) envelopes the way you want and integrate the classic pump effect part into your productions!

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MAGIX's Free coreFX VolumeFormer 2

The coreFX are a collection of several effects plug-ins with a clear user interface that ensures a uniform operation. There are 9 core FX that can be categorized in two groups: delay-based and dynamic effects, plus the Volume Former. Inside these groups the effects differ just from the range of the parameter values which results in different audible effects. The Volume Former is a special case, it cannot be assigned to either of these two groups.