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Echo Module Desmodus Versio

Noise Engineering is launching on August, 7th 2020 their most modern echo eurorack module called Desmodus Versio.

Desmodus Versio is Noise Engineering stereo-in, stereo-out reverb and DSP platform. It’s designed to create incredible, often infinite, reverberant spaces and atmospheres you’ve never heard before.

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Pre-order Desmodus Versio New Echo Module Now 2

Distorted, brilliant, unforgettable, 10-hp-hole-in-my-system, and freakin’ cool are all terms we’ve used when describing the sounds we’ve heard from it.

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Not only is it a kick-ass ‘verb, but new effects firmware can also be flashed onto it easily with the Noise Engineering web app and a USB port on the back. It also comes with open-source support so that you can write your own effects, too (look for new firmware and open-source support TBA near the end of the year).

The synthetic-tail generator reverb eurorack module is shipping on August 7, 2020.

Pricing and Availability

Desmodus Versio can be purchased now as a pre-order. This super-special link will only be live until July 31. After that, find DV in the Noise Engineering shop or at your retailer like the Signal Sounds Preorder Page

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