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Kyser Capo Video Review + Creative Uses of Capos




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Kyser Capo Review + Creative Uses of Capos

So why would you want a capo, if you have never heard of them? Well, a capo allows you to “retune” your guitar on the fly, which makes it a great tool for a live performer. And if you drop tune and use a capo it gives the guitar a very rich throaty sound with a jangly unique sound that capo brings out. It really helps to give your guitar a very nice, zingy sound with added presence in the mix.

Another creative way of using a capo is recording chord progressions, while keeping the same shapes, just throwing on a capo and changing the sound that way. And the capo from Kyser is great, the build quality is wonderful, the rubber is great and it clamps down the fret with no issues.

Also, if you want your capo to match your guitar, Kyser capos come in a variety of colours, anywhere from Black to Gold, Rosewood to Sunburst and even the American Flag. So there’s definitely much to choose from, especially as we haven’t even mentioned all the available colours.

But Keyser guitar capo is not the only guitar accessories Kyser sells. If you have liked this Kyser 6 string capo, you will definitely enjoy their guitar humidifiers and their line of guitar care products. All of their offerings come in the same high-quality, same attention to detail, and the low, affordable price.

Kyser quick change capo are not just availble for acoustic guitars, you can also get specialised capos for electric guitars, classical guitars, 12-string guitars, banjo capos, capos for mandolins, ukuleles and even different capos all together, like the special addition capos, low-tension capos and even their premium, bling series capos, which are still only double the price of their regular capos.

Kyser is a company based in the USA, started by Milton Kyser back in the 1980s. And forty year later, the Kyser brand is well trusted, being hand made in America with a lifetime warranty and high durable build, that has been approved by worldwide celebrities and Texas legends like Stevie Ray Vaughan and Gary Clark Jr.

The Kyser guitar capo is becoming a staple – and looking at its quality it is not surprising what so ever as it is definitely a product of quality. And it really is just that simple, what else can we say. Guitar capo Kyser delivers is of the highest quality, so it is up to you to think of all the different ways you can use it.

In this video, we go over some ways we like using capos in creative ways in the studio, but we are also interested in hearing from you. What unique ways do you have for your capos, are there any other guitar accessories we should take a look at, that could be just as versatile as a capo?

We are always looking for new ways of recording in the studio and developing unique techniques to utilise the equipment you get. So gathering a list of different tools and accessories that can be used in a variety of ways is the way to go.

If you would like us to make more videos about these little production secrets and unique ways of using your equipment, make sure to subscribe to our channel and better off, let us know your secrets! Share them with the other viewers in the comment section below, we really appreciate every single one of you, who not only watch our videos but take your time to share your opinions or ask questions, we really, really appreciate this community and hope that you find these videos useful.

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