Fabfilter Pro-Q 3 Video Review & Introduction

  • By: Alex Scott
  • Date: Monday, 6 July 2020
  • Time to read: 3 min.

Fabfilter Pro-Q 3 Review & Introduction

Beginning with a quick overview and discussion about the piece of gear, followed by a quick tour of the main features and a minimal to no talking sound demo of the presets to finish and let you come to your own conclusions.

Filter Pro Q 3 Five Bands
Filter Pro-Q 3 Five Bands


The FabFilter Pro-Q3 (Affiliate Link) is one of the world’s most comprehensive, revered and used Best EQ’s in Modern Times. It’s a one-stop-shop which is up to almost any EQ related audio task you can throw at it. It lives just as at home on the Master/MIx Bus as it does on Individual Tracking Channels. You can use it to subtly roll off some High or Low Frequencies, add some Shelving Boosts, Rebalance the Mid-Side Balance, Dynamically Tame Harsh/Unwanted Frequencies, Boost/Emphasise Harmonics, Identify Clashing Frequencies and more!


The words that spring to mind when thinking about this Fabfilter Plugin is: ‘Microscopic Precision’. Nothing compares to the level of detail you can quickly and accurately achieve with this EQ Plugin in your everyday projects.

The ability to quickly flick a node/band of the EQ from Mid/Side/Left/Right gives you a wealth of not only Mixing and Mastering options, but also the ability to be creative in the Sound Design process by playing with your Stereo Field and it’s Equalization.


As is clear from the get go, the GUI is modern and sleek. It shys away from Vintage Style EQ and their graphics for a more real-time and visual based approach.

This lends itself well to very precise jobs when you know where a trouble frequency is, and you need an EQ which will just get right where you want it and precisely notch that issue out.


While this is not necessarily a bad point, it is something that people may not be aware of when initially picking up this equalizer.

Due to the design and clean signal path of the plugin, it doesn’t have warmth, randomness or any kind of vibe that you would get from an analogue or analogue-modeled unit.

I personally recommend using the FabfilterProQ Equalizer in conjunction with another Analogue/Modeled EQ to get the best of both worlds.

In Conclusion

The Fabfilter Pro Q 3 Equalizer really is the ‘Swiss Army Knife’ of the Audio World. It can take on any job when you know how and when to use it.

From Mixing and Mastering to Audio Repair and Rebalancing.

From EQ Filtering and De-Essing to Creatively Widening, Narrowing or Altering your Stereo Image; it can tackle almost anything issue you throw at it and with the new and welcomed addition of the dynamic section of the EQ, it can even tame ‘harsh’ and ‘pokey’ frequencies to make it the ultimate one-stop shop EQ.

FabFilter Pro-Q3 (Affiliate Link) Plugin is a MUST-BUY for ANYONE Making, Mixing, Mastering or Producing Music.

While Analogue Units & Equalizers have their Unique Peculiarities and Workflows which create their Specific Sound, this Clean and Versatile EQ will aid you in a myriad of situations.

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