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Plugin FX Bundle by Boz Digital Labs

PLUGIN FX BUNDLE by Boz Digital Labs (Affiliate Link) includes a plugin collection developed by Boz Digital Labs containing 4 plugins: Sasquatch 2 – The Kick Drum Machine, The Wall – Brickwall Limiter, Transgressor 2 – Transient Designer and Gatey Watey – Frequency-Dependent Gate.

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Checking Out the Plugin FX Bundle by Boz Digital Labs 2

This Boz Digital Labs Bundle offers both a comprehensive and uniquely original approach to envelope modification and dynamics processing.

Boz Digital presents a bundle containing some of the most essential effects plugins that every musician should know how to use! These plugins can enhance your instruments, shape your sounds, and save your mix in a pinch! All of these are effects plugins, so no sounds or samples are contained here. Instead, these tools can really save you time and energy by erasing unwanted resonance, shaping your kicks, adding punch and attack to drums, and preventing your precious mix from clipping!

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Included in this bundle are:

  • Transgressor 2 – redefines what your typical transient shaper is capable of, with two 4-band EQs that allow you to shape the attack and sustain of your sounds with utmost precision. Use this on drums to do anything from adding subtle punch to completely designing the sound of the kit.
  • Sasquatch Kick Machine 2 – completely shape the sound of your kick drums, adding or eliminating resonance in the sub-levels, adjusting the click, or just adding character and color to a boring, dull, and flat sounding kick. Scroll thru the presets to get a taste of what this can do, or just dive in and experiment!
  • The Wall – a tried and true limiter, simple but effective! Includes additional controls for adding color and dithering to the signal.
  • Gatey Watey – a simple to use but the invaluable gate that allows you to zero in on the exact frequencies you want to attenuate. Use this to eliminate long tails from sounds, tone down background noise of recordings, or just tighten up your drums without losing the natural resonance.

Originally valued at $396, PLUGIN FX BUNDLE by Boz Digital Labs (Affiliate Link) is now available for only $79! This is an amazing limited time offer you should not miss!

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