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Delight 3 for Omnisphere by Joseph Hollo

It is 2 years from Delight 1 to 2 and 2 years form Delight 2 to 3. After two years of collecting new inspirations, Delight 3 is here for the lovers of lyrical, ethereal, mystical, emotional, evolving, soft, airy and transparent pads, strings and voxes.

You’ll find thick, dramatic, and warm analog synths, basses, leads plucks. There are playful and magical keyboards, arpeggios, basslines, and BPM synchronized pads, plus useful drums, transitions, and soundscapes.

Demo Patches

Click here to download 10 free patches + 1 multi for a little inspiration

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Pricing and Availability

Delight 3 for Omnisphere 2 is available now. For a short period of time you can use the promo code: Intro for $6 off from the $35 retail. This is only valid for very fews days from today.

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