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Vital Vocals – Midnight Hip Hop





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Vital Vocals – Midnight Hip Hop

Vital Vocals are proud to present Future Soul Acapellas 2 (Affiliate Link), a second gorgeous selection of blissful acapella vocals for use in your tracks 100% royalty-free. If you’re not feeling the vibes in the studio, a Vital injection of the soul could be the way forward.

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Vital Vocals – Midnight Hip Hop 3

Inspirations for this Future Soul Acapellas 2 (Affiliate Link) collection include Disclosure, Sam Smith, Childish Gambino, Miguel, Jessie Ware, The Internet, Majid Jordan and more. The resulting vibe is futuristic, contemporary sounding soul music – yet also with a hint of nostalgic R&B feel. Within, you’ll find a collection that sounds totally fresh, and that can be used in a multitude of different genres. 

Included in Future Soul Acapellas 2 (Affiliate Link) are the ingredients to 4 separate vocal tracks that display various moods and delivery styles. The outcome of this is a host of lead and adlib vocals that can be used to build full structures or sampled more subtly to create your own loops and slices. These vocals have been recorded with the utmost care and attention using the finest in microphones, hardware, and outboard gear, creating an upfront and warm sound that takes professionals years to master.

Loops within play between 102-120bpm, making this collection perfect for the title genres, as well as hip-hop, house, RnB, future bass, deep trap, and any other musical and electronic genres.

In detail, expect to find in Future Soul Acapellas 2 (Affiliate Link) 212 MB of content recorded at 24Bit 44.1KHZ. There are 4 song kits broken down as 50 male vocal adlibs, 17 lead chorus vocal loops, 15 choruses accompany loops, 9 lead verse vocal loops, and 5 verse accompanies loops.

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