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Chris Hein Brass Compact Review




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Chris Hein Brass Compact Review

Just as with the Chris Hein String collection, it is a wonderful assembly of masterfully recorded instruments.

In this video, we will take a look at the wonderful Kontakt-Players sample library from Chris Hein, the Chris Hein Brass Collection.

In this Chris Hein orchestral brass complete collection we will go over why this collection is just as great as the one we covered recently. The collection includes Trumpets, Trombones and French-Horns. Both the complete and the compact versions contain the same instruments but reduced articulations and functions. But the wonderful sound is still there.

All of the Chris Hein collections include wonderful tools for expressive your creative ideas. You can utilise phase-aligned samples, true intelligent legato, note head designer, hotkeys, automatic glide, x-fade and a vibrato. Which might not come as a surprise for a synth, but this is a samples library, so having such powerful tools with the ability to use real instruments is incredible.

And with the Brass collection, the list of features gets pushed further, including extended dynamic range, extended playable range and portamento legato, which are great additions, really pushing what this collection is capable of.

The interface is also quite similar to the rest of the collection by Chris Hein, so it isn’t much different from our video on the Strings, including tabs for control and room and most importantly all the options for articulation. You get a list of both short, long and special articulations.

Such as sustain, crescendo, flutter tongue, run-up, run-down, fall and a few rips. And of course 6 different short articulations. You can also control the note head with a sustain pedal, introducing great realism and dynamic into the sample library.

As we take a look at the Chris Hein orchestral brass compact, the feature list is not as extensive as the complete edition, but it is still a wonderfully powerful collection. The instruments were recorded in a very special way that allows you to use all the three instruments cohesively.

As the players could see and hear each other, but acoustically were separated into three rooms, allowing you to use the instruments individually and as if they were in the same room.

The full power of the library allows you to record a full ensemble of instruments by using different instruments, convolution effects and the included ensemble function. Once you choose an instrument to start your ensemble, you can control the individual body and room of the trumpet, french horn or the trombone you choose.

Controlling the volume and delay of the body and the volume and delay of the room, even choosing presets, such as the big symphony hall preset for the room. Creating a midi melody you can play a single instrument or an entire ensemble as simply as just enabling more instruments.

You can even increase the number of virtual players to create massive performances or you can use the instruments individually and craft every aspect of your composition immaculately.

The library also introduces to different legato options, the standard one and a portamento, which you can switch to with a sustain pedal. You can also control the speed of the portamento.

And if you are tired of hearing me say pedal too much in this Chris Hein brass reviews, I have good news for you, you can assign the properties of the filters and functions to any midi output you want, making your workflow your own.

Chris Hein orchestral brass is a wonderful orchestral library offering something no one else managed.

Best Service Chris Hein horns vol 3 muted brass Kontakt is a library like no other, combining features and sounds that were crafted with love and care, making it a masterful tool for composers who want to work in the digital space. Saving time, money and working efficiently.

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