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Guitar Pro 7.5 Review

In this video, we’ll take a look at Guitar Pro 7.5, which is a powerful music score and tablature editor for guitar, bass, ukulele, and more!

If you’re looking for tablature software and haven’t heard about Guitar Pro yet, we’ll go over what Guitar Pro 7.5 (Affiliate Link) is and why you should be interested in it.

Guitar Pro 7 could be regarded as one of the best bass tab creator or even the best music tab software. It’s made by Arobas Music, a young and creative collective cased in France. And this tablature editor definitely comes with the class of France.

What is Guitar Pro? It’s a tab writing software, that boasts to be a thorough yet user-friendly tool designed for musicians. If you’re in the market for guitar tab creator software, bass tab software, tab program in general, this is a product for you.

When it comes to tablature writing software, you won’t find a better-looking product. Guitar Pro brings the class of modern design to the traditional task of tabbing and redefines guitar tab software.

It’s not an overburdened piece of software and it might not boast an enormous list of bells and whistles, but it does well what it sets out to do. And you know what’s better than just a great, slick-looking tabs software?

An amazing midi guitar music player included in the software for playback, just so you know you got things right. But it’s not just guitar, Guitar Pro 7 boasts high-quality midi sounds for electric, acoustic, nylon, 12-string, bass guitars, drums and much more.

You get to choose from three different forms of notation, including tablature, standard and slash notation. Right of the bat, Guitar Pro 7 is setting itself to be the best guitar tab software. And it just keeps building on top of it.

Once you’re actually inside of the tab creation software, you have it cut out for you. Your tablature and standard notation get updated simultaneously, cutting down a good chunk of work and letting you focus on what’s important. And boy does it let you focus on what’s important.

Guitar Pro 7 has to be one of the best guitar composition software designed with ease of use in mind.

You get many options for notation, including slap, pop, left-hand tapping, dead notes, palm mute on the note, palm mute on the beat, natural harmonics, artificial harmonics, down and upstrokes and much much more!

And that alone justifies the number of times we mentioned it’s probably the best guitar tablature software out there!

It also boasts a wonderful guitar chords program, which you access by pressing the “A” key on your keyboard, which opens an additional window, where you can build your chords – you can draw the chords as shapes and let the software give you all the options under the sun.

It’s really a wonderful guitar writing software that most guitar players will pick up really fast.

This impressive list of features makes the Arobas Guitar Pro 7 a great tool for educators as the features it includes allows for fast and efficient use and the midi sound output allows you to play and preview your sheets music without the need to record it so it’s definitely a great choice for some on the fly tablature action.

Talking about the music player, Guitar Pro also includes a mixer that helps you combine the wonderful midi library with the mixing tools that allow you generate basic demos that greatly aid in the music writing process, especially if you want to keep it contained and do most of the work in the software.

So, is it the best tablature software? It definitely can be debated to be so! It has a very powerful sounds engine that allows you to demo your songs, it has an extensive list of settings and customisation for notation as is heavily catered for guitarists, becoming a leading guitar notation software.

Not to mention it comes at a decently affordable price, at under $100, Arobas Music Guitar Pro 7.5 (Affiliate Link) stands as the main contestant to be the leading guitar tabbing software for professional musicians, teachers, fanatics and hobbyists.

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