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Explore the finest world and ethnic libraries from Rast Sound with their Rast Sound Signature Collection (Affiliate Link), available 78% off for a limited time! This bundle Rast Sound Signature Collection (Affiliate Link) contains a wide variety of unique textures and colors, suitable for all kinds of genres, from the world and cinematic to EDM and indie/pop.

The collection contains African Vocals with a treasure of authentic war & love chants, patterns, songs, playable solo instruments, and phrase composer tools from motherland Africa. Originally $394, this massive collection is now available for just $89 for a limited time only – you save $305! This is an amazing no-brainer offer you should not miss!

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Mideast and Indian Rhythms offers a complete world percussive natural and cinematic suite. Master Shakuhachi, Master Duduk, and Black Sea Flutes bring in capabilities of a master performer with a variety of articulations and performances.

This collection contains the following libraries, all requiring the full Kontakt Version:

Master Duduk: a beautiful and expressive instrument, the Master Duduk contains natural and processed phrases, and multiple playable articulations (sustain, vibrato, short, as well as a bass duduk) for writing your own melodies and performances.

Master Shakuhachi: with an intense and instantly recognizable sound, the Shakuhachi is a Japanese flute instrument. This collection contains natural and processed phrases, intense effects and multiple playable articulations, from standard sustains to overblown notes and shorts.

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African Vocals: a collection of melodic phrases, chants, spoken words, and pitched solo and choral voices.

Indie Vocals: a collection of sung phrases, patterns, and more to add a modern Indie feel to your productions.

Cinescapes: Ambience and atmospheres (nature sounds, real world ambience, etc) and a collection of processed rhythmic phrases, both tonal and atonal.

Black Sea Flutes: Featuring two sampled instruments, a Tutek and a Zurna, and containing quality phrases and patterns/performances as well as playable articulations.

Mideast and Indian Rhythms: two collections of playable percussive phrases, patterns, loops, as well as multiple banks of solo percussion instruments, processed cinematic drums and patterns, and more!

Pricing and Availability

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For just $89 (instead of $394), get the Rast Sound Signature Collection (Affiliate Link) featuring 8 best-selling libraries with a wealth of local vocal tastes, cinematic engines, solo instruments, rhythm suites and more.

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