STRUCTURE Firmware 3.0 Updates Visual Generator Eurorack Module

  • By: Thorsten Meyer
  • Date: Sunday, 9 August 2020
  • Time to read: 2 min.

v3.0 STRUCTURE firmware

Erogenous Tones eurorack module STRUCTURE is a visual generator module that is based internally on an OpenGL GLSL node based platform. It uses the concept of node structures to push visuals through the system.

STRUCTURE Eurorack by Erogenous Tones
STRUCTURE Firmware 3.0 Updates Visual Generator Eurorack Module 3

It is recommended you backup your front SDCard before installing and running 3.0 in case a problem occurs with the preset system translation, in case you need to go back to 2.8 for any reason.

STRUCTURE Firmware 3.0 Updates Visual Generator Eurorack Module 4

STRUCTURE v3.0 Features/Fixes

  • PRESET SAVE system rewritten, graph at top showing where you are, ability to move, insert, replace, delete into specific positions. Left buttons move through 4 banks on save page.
  • Ability to have more than one PERF on card.
  • PERF can have their own clip, image, font and text directories inside them.
  • *Implemented HIDE NODE FILE ability
  • Implemented STEP mode for clips
  • VXY->TXT->MIX->FBK nodeset added
  • Moved MODSET controls to MOD SRC button
  • *Added UNSAVED for PERF or OVERRIDES visual to main screen
  • Added Note/CC detect to MODULATORS page
  • Added MIDI/CC reset (panic) action. (Based on current mappings)
  • Change location for performance based settings to be within the performance directory structure.
  • Added PERF default load to SYSTEM settings
  • Fixed problem with font system with fonts missing ‘A’ character
  • Fixed problem with SD Card removed detection when fonts loaded from front card

About Erogenous Tones

Erogenous Tones is an audio/video hardware and software company founded by Rick Burnett in 2015 to pursue his passions as an electrical engineer and musician. After being introduced to the eurorack modular format at Moogfest 2012, his interest was drawn towards participation in the modular community – leading him to collaborate with Andrew Morelli and Steady State Fate on his first modular offering ‘GateStorm’, an advanced gate generator module. The mission of Erogenous Tones is the continual development and production of interesting and novel eurorack module designs.

Pricing and Availability

The latest STRUCTURE firmware is available here.

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