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IK Multimedia iLoud Micro Monitors Professional Review




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IK Multimedia iLoud Micro Monitors Professional Review

In this video, we’ll take a look at a set of mobile multimedia monitors great for travel from IK Multimedia, the iLoud Micro. iLoud Micro is a pair of tiny studio speakers and is the smaller brother of the iLoud MTM, hence the name Micro. Coming with the size, the RCA inputs are unbalanced, but that comes as a tiny drawback from how impressive these small speakers are.

Micro monitoring is not a saturated market, so having a great option is wonderful, as you don’t have to lose that much if you really need to stay small and compact. And they definitely pack a punch, reaching 45Hz and staying strong, which is more than impressive for such a compact size. These micro studio monitors are built to last and feel premium, sturdy and will last the long run. iLoud is a great and affordable series of speakers coming at all sizes and the iLoud micro is the smallest of the bunch and don’t call it the iLoud mini, because it’s REALLY compact – deserving the micro monitor tag.

Having a deeper look at these mini monitors speakers, we find some great specs. To begin with, these are active 2-way, bi-amped studio monitors, with an already mentioned and impressive frequency response – 45Hz to 22kHz.

And it’s compact size really shows taking a look at the dimensions of the tweeter, which is 3/4″, the woofer at 3″ – and even with that, the maximum SPL is 107dB. The IK Multimedia iLoud micro monitors are quite unique and if it doesn’t feel like they are, let me continue.

It might not translate just how small they are looking at video and photos, so here are the numbers: 180mm (7.09″) x 135mm (5.31″) x 90mm (3.54″), which is as impressive to read as it is to see in person, especially when you give them a listen.

But why should you be interested in the iLoud micro monitor if you stumbled on this video without actually searching for these speakers, well, here’s the pitch. This studio monitor system is promoted to be an ultra-compact, high-quality reference studio system and that’s definitely a bold claim.

But the IK Multimedia iLoud micro monitor delivers. In addition to the previously mentioned specifications, you’ll find three switches at the back on of one of these speakers (the left one to be precise), which are the positioning EQs for your mids, highs and lows (which in the order named are: Flat to Desk, Flat to +3dB, Flat to -3dB).

And that’s not all, the UI at the back also includes 1/8″ TRS stereo input, the aforementioned RCA inputs and of course, the volume control. It’s looking to form into a nice little package for the offering from the IK Multimedia iLoud series, which also include the iLoud MTM, which is the iLoud studio monitor for, well, the studio.

They come at a price $100 over the Micro but also, as expected, increase in size. And they are one of the most competitive monitors in the market, with one of the most impressive frequency outputs out there.

The reason why I bring up the MTM is that the micromotor – IK iLoud Micro is in the most honest shape and from – the younger (and smaller) brother of the MTM, as the only difference in the impressive frequency response, is the cutoff at 45HZ instead of 40Hz.

And that alone is incredibly impressive, not to mention all the other reasons on this list that I’ve already mentioned. The iloud micro monitors have also received an interesting tad bit of praise, that comes with it size, but might still be surprising.

The ik multimedia iloud micro is so compact it doesn’t push too much air around – pretty much “removing the room from the equation” when it comes to mixing. And referencing the impressive sound it can produce, they enter a market as an amazing choice for someone travelling, with no real space for a studio or someone who might not be able to properly sound treat their room and/or studio.

We hope you’ve enjoyed our iLoud micro monitor review. Do you know a different pair that could be considered the smallest studio monitors? What did you think about the iLoud mini? Or have you invested in another pair of iLoud speakers and just came to look at how these ones stack up? Let us know!

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