Exploring Evolution: Devastator by Keepforest

  • By: Alex Pfeffer
  • Date: Monday, 13 July 2020
  • Time to read: 1 min.

Devastator by Keepforest

Let’s explore Evolution: Devastator Full Edition by Keepforest. The Evolution: Devastator Full Edition contains two editions Devastator Action Twisted Industrial Toolkit and Deathmatch.

Evolution: Devastator Action Twisted Industrial Toolkit is an essential library of hybrid and modern sound effects, cinematic hits, punchy percussions, playable instruments of synths, pulses, tonal FXs.

Evolution: Devastator Deathmatch is a premium collection of hand-crafted custom signature sound effects, trailer braams, brasses, signals, distorted basses, playable pads & atmos, cinematic loops and artist stems.

With meticulous futuristic design concept and a dark and gritty sound character that can be heard in a lot of trending movies and TV series. The Evolution: Devastator series will definitely be an irreplaceable part for movie and game sound designs, as well as for composing trailers and soundtracks.

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