HISSandaROAR 10th Birthday Sale

  • By: Thorsten Meyer
  • Date: Wednesday, 12 August 2020
  • Time to read: 2 min.

HISSandaROAR 10th Birthday Sale

Every single HISSandaROAR sound library is now discounted by 50% No need for coupons or discount codes!

Sale ends September 1st, 2020 and does not technically apply to Site Licenses, but HISSandaROAR is feeling generous so please request a quote and let HISSandaROAR surprise you!

HISSandaROAR Receent
HISSandaROAR 10th Birthday Sale 3

In some strange kind of multiverse overlap, 2020 actually represents multiple Birthdays for HISSandaROAR, and for Tim Prebble personally.

Tim’s Dad was born in August 1930 – the family has just celebrated his 90th Birthday! Tim was born in August 1965, so he is celebrating his 55th Birthday! Tim went to Film School in 1990, so he is celebrating 30 years of living, surviving and thriving in the beautiful world of field recording and sound design! HISSandaROAR launched in 2010 – they are celebrating not just 10 years of existence, but also 10 years of collaborating with every single person who has supported HISSandaROAR.

HISSandaROAR 10th Birthday Sale
HISSandaROAR 10th Birthday Sale 4

If you suspect all of this might make Tim philosophical, you would be correct, and he has been devoting a lot of time during lockdown to deep thinking about what the next decade of HISSandaROAR could achieve. Tim has always been an existentialist, but forward-thinking ideas are brought into a new light under the constant threat of COVID19. We must each strive to be braver, stronger, more diverse, more inclusive, more sustainable, and more creatively inspiring.

Over the following weeks of August Tim will share more of the HISS and a ROAR roadmap, but first I have a brand new library to finish and release.

While he appreciates all of the support HISSandaROAR has received, Tim am also very aware of the lovely people who are fully up to date with all of their releases. Accordingly, this new library will represent a chance for everyone to take advantage of the sale, including our much-appreciated Completists!
August 10th – Sale Launch
August 17th – New library release
August 24th – 2030 Road map release
August 31st – Last day of Sale

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