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Keepforest’s Ferrum – Modern Trailer Percussion Available for Pre-Order




Keepforests Ferrum Modern Trailer Percussion Available for Pre Order

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Ferrum – Modern Trailer Percussion

Keepforest’s upcoming Modern Trailer Percussion Powerhouse is due to release on August 24th, 2020.

Keepforest’s FERRUM, produced by Vladislav Martirosov and Arseni Khodzin, is a modern trailer percussion powerhouse with a huge variety of cinematic percussion from the epic and massive cinematic hits, punches, anvils and doors impacts to cymbals, bells, tiny metals, and metallic foley.

FERRUM Features

  1. Built-in Step Sequencer with 1000+ factory presets to make creating complex rhythms easier than ever; 
  2. Quick Stage Placement module which can work independently for each note; 
  3. Multiple Playback Modes including Doubling and Ensemble; 
  4. Convenient Effects Rack for quick sound processing inside the instrument; 
  5. Dozens of Snapshots to unleash the full creative potential.

Pricing and Availability

Release date: August 24th, 2020 a PRE-ORDER is available now.

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