STURMSOUNDS Cinematic Bundle

  • By: Thorsten Meyer
  • Date: Monday, 17 August 2020
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STURMSOUNDS Cinematic Bundle

For only $59 (normally $235), get the Cinematic Bundle from STURMSOUNDS (Affiliate Link) featuring Zupfgretel and Thai Bow.

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Zupfgrete is a Cinematic Autoharp with a spirited organic twist perfect for creating striking and memorable moments in film and game scoring.

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This pretty organic and spirited instrument is made for striking and memorable moments in scoring and film. Many users are thrilled by the diversity and applicability of the sound. Zupfgretel is ideal for melodies as well as for atmospheric scenes. Different articulations enable an organic play.

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  • 2.67 GB sample content
  • 2 main pickin’ styles: Finger picked, Damped (Flageolet)
  • Chord section, Harp Glissando, Harp Strings, Bowed
  • 6x round robin
  • 3 velocity levels (soft, med, hard)
  • Sound design patches: Cinematic, Sound Design, Arps
  • Arpeggiator, Sequencer, Harp Glissando, Env-Control, Reverb, Delay, Filter, Phaser, Stereo
  • Imager, Impulseloader, various Cabinets, Chorus, Tremolo
  • Full Kontakt 5 required
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THAI BOW – The sound of this instrument is from dark to exotic. This makes Thaibow a very versatile instrument. Far Eastern sounds have become an integral part of film music and are therefore a popular stylistic device. If you are looking for it – Thaibow is certainly a great enrichment for your library. Different sound design patches enable organic play.

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  • Picked, bowed and long ebowed fiddle scapes
  • Articulations: medium picked, staccato, ebowed, picked reversed
  • Controls: formant filter,fine-tune, delay, imulse level, finger, bow, drone
  • Sound menu, Impulse loader
  • Round robin 7x
  • Skins 4x
  • Full Kontakt 5 required

Thai Bow is a cinematic fiddle from the Far East with a dark and exotic vibe. This instrument is also organic and will be a great addition to your library.

NOTE: The Cinematic Bundle from STURMSOUNDS (Affiliate Link) requires the full (paid) version of Kontakt 5 or higher

Pricing and Availability

Originally valued at $235, this Cinematic Bundle from STURMSOUNDS (Affiliate Link) is now available for only $59! This is an amazing limited time offer you should not miss!

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