United Plugins Quick AG Introductory Sale

  • By: Thorsten Meyer
  • Date: Monday, 17 August 2020
  • Time to read: 2 min.

United Plugins Quick AG Sale

Quick AG is the shortcut to achieving a perfect and natural sound for your acoustic instruments. Although it looks easy, mixing acoustic guitar, ukulele or mandolin is a very hard job. So many things can go wrong. That’s why Instant Audio created Quick AG – the shortcut to the perfect and natural acoustic instruments sound. 

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Quick AG — the first fruit of the first company cross-brand collaboration between FireSonic (with its always-searching-for-a-shortcut attitude) and SounDevice Digital (forever fine-tuning tools based on the longterm experience of mixing many recordings in its namesake SounDevice Studio), joining forces as Instant Audio to create a series of tools to instantly assist artists in achieving their desired sound, starting with an all-in-one acoustic guitar solution compatible with major AAX/AU/VST DAW (Digital Audio Workstation) applications on both macOS and Windows as a superlative shortcut to sought-after natural acoustic instrument sounds.

Ultimately, United Plugins’ Instant Audio brand is as aptly-named as its on-point plug-in debut. After all, satisfactorily mixing acoustic guitar — or, for that matter, mandolin or ukulele — does not come naturally to newcomers and even experienced engineers can find it tough going as it is evidently easier said than done; doing it instantly is, of course, another story altogether — for both newcomers and experienced engineers alike. As such, Quick AG aims to set the perfect sound for those tricky acoustic instruments in seconds.

Pricing and Availability

Save 78% off United Plugins Quick AG (Affiliate Link) and buy now for only £16.95 / $21. Quick AG by Instant Audio – Bigger, better, brighter, smoother

Note that no iLok, dongle, or internet access is required for Quick AG activation. (All United Plugins software uses license files for activation and owners can freely use purchased software on all their computers as long as they are the user.)

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