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Kmise Pedals Review

Kmise pedals are quite simple in a half-pedal format, the vintage phase has a speed knob and the tremolo has two knobs for intensity and rate – couldn’t be much simpler.

In this video, we’ll take a look at a few guitar pedals from Kmise.

Both of the pedals are true bypass pedals, so you get a truly clean sound through them. These pedals are powered through an adapter, so no batteries. It saves some weight and removes the hassle of dealing with batteries, but you will need a standard 9-volt adapter to power them.

These pedals sound decently good, we tested them with our Rhodes, which worked great with the tremolo and an electric guitar that did just as great. When it comes to the vintage phase, the results are just as clean, providing a very clear and wonderful sound, doing its job with no issues.

And the best part, just like with every Kmise product, the price is the best part of the deal as it’s always really really affordable, sometimes only costing you around $20, so make sure to scout around in your regional Amazon to see what Kmise has to offer.

When it comes to the phaser, it is what it says on the box, so there’s not much to say about it, besides some of the radio signals it might pick up.

Taking a look at the tremolo though, it has a very sharp sound and sounds more of a sawtooth than a sine wave and might bring out the high-mid, low-top range and make it poke out quite a bit – which means it also changes the tone a bit of the instrument, which might be great if you’re looking for tonal changes, but if you want a clean, no tone changes tremolo, this might not be the best, but taking the price into consideration, a wonderful choice nonetheless.

The only drawback would be the vintage phaser experiencing the radio signal interference, which for someone who professionally performs, might not be ideal. But – please keep in mind that the review units we have might be prerelease and might change once they are available to the public.

So any of the issues we had with these pedals might be completely inaccurate. Kmise is known for their affordable music gear, including ukuleles, banjos, guitar parts and accessories, already mentioned guitar pedals and everything is as affordable as it comes.

We have already done a review on Kmise soprano ukulele starter kit which turned out to be a great package for the price and a wonderful beginner ukulele.

And if you go on Amazon and just search up Kmise you’ll see a sea of an affordable great product, Ukulele kits from 30 to 60 dollars, amazing quality guitar, ukulele and banjo cases, replacement parts for your music equipment, stands, chairs and much much more for leading competitive prices in the industry.

But don’t be deterred by the price as they are not cheap products for a cheap price, every single thing you buy from them is a bargain.

Kmise is carving its way to be one of the more popular budget brands in the music industry and they might not be the goto for professionals, but if you’re a beginner or if you want to introduce music into the life of your children, there just might not be a better brand out there.

Kmise is a company based in Shenzen and is a rising star in China when it comes to music gear. And they do it all, designing, manufacturing, trading and is committed to providing the best costumer and buyer experience.

And over the years it has become one of the largest music export companies. So it seems like Kmise is here to stay.

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