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Loopcloud Exclusive – MDLR Techno




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Loopcloud Exclusive – MDLR Techno

Loopcloud is proud to present MDLR Techno, an organic techno sample pack made entirely from a eurorack modular system by dance music stalwart Joseph Price (aka Third Son). Each element and loop aims to achieve a straight-up techno sound, while adding something fresh and unique to the timeless genre with use of cutting edge synthesis techniques.

Joseph Price has become a globally recognised artist and producer, revered for his herculean studio skills and broad musical range. Under the alias ‘Third Son’ he’s toured the world and released on some of the biggest labels in the industry. With support from some of the industry’s key players, he has broken more ground than most in such a short time. Joseph’s goal is simple: to make the best music he can.

MDLR Techno (Affiliate Link) contains the finest cuts from all of Joseph’s modular dancefloor experiments, containing the finest in synth sequences, rolling modular drums, deep basslines, SFX and much more, all 100% original and royalty free.

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Loopcloud Exclusive – MDLR Techno 3

In detail, expect to find in MDLR Techno (Affiliate Link) 161 MB of content recorded at 24Bit 44.1KHZ. There are 13 full drum loops, 12 synth loops, 12 top drum loops, 11 FX loops and 10 bass loops. One-shots are 22 synth hits, 20 drum hits, 16 FX and 6 bass hits.

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