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One of the more unpredictable ‘skills’ Tim Prebble learned during COVID19 lockdown, was how to gargle slime in a vuvuzela! A while ago Tim saw a couple of videos of people making really great cute/strange vocal sounds using slime (the gross kid’s toy) and it got me thinking, how could I use such techniques to create deeper vocalizations. Before lockdown, Tim went shopping at three toy stores and started a daily practice of experimenting with his collection of slime and silly putty.

First Tim experimented with a Tuba mouthpiece and three different gauge hoses. Mild success but encouraging results. Next, he tried a set of three duck callers, immersed in slime to varying degrees. Wow!! After studying predator calling techniques at the University of Youtube, Tim added a hog caller to the collection and tried the vuvuzela.

Further experimentation led to extended techniques combining elements: what would the deep reedy hog caller sound like joined on to half the vuvuzela, filled with slime? Using different shaped vessels also contributed, via experimenting with a plate, vase, jar etc…

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Also captured are some gross slime movement for creature throat, mouth, jowls, ectoplasm and mandible movement. Gross!

Pricing and Availability

SD045 SLIME VOCALS is available now.

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