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Get the full expressiveness and natural sound of string instruments, right in your Reason Rack. Use Friktion to create string parts that are far closer to real-life bowed instrument performances than you could ever get with any sample library.

Few things can compare to the sound of a real instrument. The vibration of a string, the pressure of a finger and even the wood used for the body all makes it come alive. We built Friktion to capture the all those nuances and put them in your rack, under your fingertips. It adds that special something to any piece of music, but you don’t need years of practice to play it.

With its synthesizer workflow, Friktion can sound like the string instruments you love or entirely new ones yet to be invented. All the important aspects of sculpting a realistic string sound are within reach, but the controls go beyond what’s possible in the real world. With a few clicks you change the instrument shape and size, or make the strings buzzy and metallic—creating a new instrument that still sounds decidedly real and is expressive to play.

Controlling Friktion is remarkably easy. An octave of control keys changes how the instrument is played in real time. Bowing, plucking, vibrato, tremolo, gliding up and down the strings and even harmonic overtones are just a key press away. Add in the mod wheel for articulation and you’ll have an expressive string performance all your own.


  • Advanced physical modeling synthesizer
  • Expressive, realistic string sounds
  • Full control over sound and performance

And it’s easy, within seconds, you’ll be having fun playing and recording unbelievably realistic violin or cello parts using your MIDI keyboard.

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Friktion is a physical modeling string instrument from Reason Studios. In other words, instead of relying on gigabytes of samples, Friktion is a synthesizer that actually models real string instruments. With clever control keys, you can easily play it in a way that simply sounds real. Whether it’s a violin or an imaginary space harp is up to you.

Friktion Signal flow

Since Friktion is a physical modeling instrument, the “modules” and signal flow are different compared to a traditional synthesizer. The picture below shows the different “modules” and the basic signal flow:

Friktion Signal flow
Friktion Modeled Strings 5

Pricing and Availability

Friktion is a new and unique instrument from Reason Studios. Available now and explore a world of strings!

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