Pigments: Creating An Ambient Sequence

  • By: Tom Wolfe
  • Date: Wednesday, 26 August 2020
  • Time to read: 1 min.

Pigments: Creating An Ambient Sequence

Is the synth Pigments any good for creating delicate ambient sequences? In this video, I take apart a glassy melodic sequence from my soundbank Hyalus to show you how to create it from scratch!

In this video we’ll look at:

  • Choosing the right wavetables to get a glassy, ambient sound
  • Using the sequencer to program velocity
  • Using Macros to easily control and manipulate the effects on your patch

Hope you have fun playing around with this one!

The patch ‘Playing Favourites’ is taken from my soundbank Hyalus, a collection of 100 glassy ambient patches Arturia Pigments. Take a look at the my collection of all my Arturia Pigments soundbanks so far, a total of 300 presets, 37 samples and 34 wavetables at a discounted price of 25% off

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